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Introducing The NEW 2021 8000 SQFT Facility

Meet the Founders

ADVANCE FIT Path of Progress

DC and Sarah Fawcett

DC and Sarah Fawcett joined the team in 2020. After being personally trained by Charlie for physique competitions in 2019 and 2020, they were hooked on the ADVANCE FIT way of life and wanted to get more involved.

With a mission to expose ADVANCE FIT to more people that need our help to transform their health and fitness, the team quickly went to work to find a new location and execute the buildout and construction of the new location.

If you are not currently enrolled in an ADVANCE FIT Training Program, we invite you to sit down with us for a free consultation. We think you’ll be pretty amazed at the results you can get with one of our programs.

Charlie Tash

Charlie Tash is the original owner and founder of ADVANCE FIT. He started the business from his garage gym and has over 18 years’ experience in the business with hundreds of success stories to show for it. Because Charlie gets such fast and effective results for his personal training clients, he was able to open a studio gym to serve even more clients. The gym and location was upgraded every year from 2016-2020. In 2021,

In an effort to accommodate the growth of new clients, ADVANCE FIT received its largest transformation to it’s current 8000 square foot facility. A large investment was put into brand new bathrooms with showers, 50 new plate loaded and selectorizor machines as brand new cardio equipment and a full turf group training room.