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Bodybuilding Trainers Tampa

When I was looking for a bodybuilding gym near me and body building trainers near me , I found Advance Fit. The first time we visited the gym, we were very impressed with the success stories and pictures of competitors plastered around the gym.
The owner Coach Charlie Tash had trained all of these people to compete in physique competitions. We signed up immediately and within 60 days, Charlie had us in the best shape of our lives and ready to get on stage.
We believe it’s very important to find a competition prep coach that structures the training specific to your body. Charlie is the most dedicated and loyal bodybuilding contest prep coach we could ever ask for.
He led and educated us step by step through the process. It was the most enlightening experiences of our lives. After you go through competition prep for yourself, you will be unstoppable. Every else in life will seem much, much easier.
On top of that, your body will be completely transformed into a fat burning machine and your ability to lose weight will become almost effortless.
Thanks to Coach Charlie Tash, we are now qualified and preparing to compete at Nationals where we will become “ IFBB Pro Professional Bodybuilders”
We never thought we could ever do this but Coach Charlie saw our potential and has empowered us with the ADVANCE FIT Competition Team Training and Nutrition Plan to make it happen and we are so excited for that day to come.

DC and Sarah Fawcett


Anyone Can Join The Team

There is no experience necessary to join the Advance Fit Competition Team. In fact, many of the competitors pictures you see around the gym and on Instagram are from competitors that had ZERO experience. Anyone can join the team, both men and women.
For Example, Sarah and DC Fawcett joined the team together and always compete together.

When Cameron Calderon joined the team, he was over 303 pounds. When he did his 1st competition, he weighed in at 210 pounds. That’s an amazing 93 pound weight loss transformation. That in itself is a massive success.
It doesn’t matter if you win or even place in your 1st competition. The biggest win is the transformation that happens before the show and stepping on stage to show it off to the world

If you qualify to join the ADVANCE FIT Competition Team, you’ll be extended an invitation to join.  Bodybuilding coach near me, we coach and prep for all competition classes including Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Bodybuilding, and Powerlifting.
For females, we coach and train for all classes as well which include bikini, figure, physique, wellness and powerlifting. We will analyze and advise what the best class for you would be.

Physique competitions are not just for 20-year old’s anymore. There is a class for everyone no matter what your age, weight or gender is.
We ensure you it will be one of the most enlightening experiences of your life even if you only do just one competition. This is life transforming experience we believe everyone should do, even if it’s only for one competition.
But I’m sure, once you do one, you’ll be itching to do another just like the rest of our competitors.

Schedule a free consultation and lets set a time to talk about your goals and where you want to go.

Personal Training Without Nutrition VS Personal Training With Nutrition

Bodybuilding Training Without Nutrition

The Pros of personal training without nutrition are not a lot because nutrition is a very big part of your entire fitness journey. The only upside is that you will save some money because you won’t pay for a meal plan and most healthy foods cost more than regular food. You may also save some time because preparing healthy meals takes more than buying something from a fast food joint.

The Cons of personal training without nutrition are many especially if you are preparing for an event that you want to look your best at. Proper nutrition will help you get much better results in a smaller time frame and will improve your overall health because you won’t fill up on overcooked junk food.

Bodybuilding Personal Training With Nutrition

The Pros of personal training with nutrition are vast because proper nutrition is as important as exercising. It will have a much higher impact on your body composition and you will be able to develop strength and lose fat much easier. You will also feed your body with the right nutrients that it needs to improve your overall health by strengthening your immune system. By combining training with proper nutrition your body will also be able to heal much quicker and help your muscles recover faster after an intense workout session. Your muscles will also have the right nutrients to grow and build themselves up which makes you stronger and allows you to develop lean muscle mass.

The Cons of personal training with nutrition would be that it can be quite expensive to hire an expert nutritionist. Healthy food is also more expensive than fast food joints which might be a problem for some people. It also takes a bit longer to cook healthy so you might be pressed for time as well.

ADVANCE FIT Competitors

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ADVANCE FIT Competitors

Sarah and DC Fawcett

ADVANCE FIT Bikini Competitor

Jackie Pascal


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