How Many Calories Does The Average Person Burn a Day - [Top 5 Tip's]

How Many Calories Does The Average Person Burn a Day



  1. Daily Calorie Burn (Sedentary Lifestyle):
    • Doing nothing burns approximately 1,800 calories per day.
    • Sitting around all day burns about 75 calories per hour.

  1. Calorie Burn by Age and Activity Level (Women):
    • Women aged 19-30 (sedentary): ~1,800 calories/day.
    • Women aged 31-51 (sedentary): ~1,800 calories/day.
    • Women aged 19-30 (active): ~2,400 calories/day.
    • Women aged 31-51 (active): ~2,200 calories/day.

How Many Calories Does The Average Person Burn a Day

  1. Factors Influencing Calorie Burn:
    • Body composition, weight, and metabolic rate affect calorie burn.
    • Muscle burns more calories than fat.

Calorie Burn During Activities

  1. Walking:
    • 30-minute walk at 3.5 mph:
      • Person weighing 120 lbs: burns 330 calories.
      • Person weighing 180 lbs: burns 488 calories.

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  1. Swimming (Front Crawl):
    • 30 minutes:
      • Burns 330 calories (120 lbs person).
      • Burns 488 calories (180 lbs person).

How Many Calories Does The Average Person Burn a Day

Average Daily Calorie Burn

  1. Women:
    • 20% burn less than 2,000 calories/day.
    • 65% burn between 2,000 and 2,800 calories/day.
    • 16% burn more than 2,800 calories/day.
    • Average: ~2,400 calories/day.
  2. Men:
    • 19% burn less than 2,600 calories/day.
    • 59% burn between 2,600 and 3,600 calories/day.
    • 20% burn more than 3,600 calories/day.
    • Average: ~3,100 calories/day.

How Many Calories Does The Average Person Burn a Day

Calorie Burn During Exercise (155 lbs individual)

  1. Biking (Moderate Speed): 520 calories/hour.
  2. Elliptical Machine: 670 calories/hour.
  3. Swimming (Crawl Stroke): 818 calories/hour.
  4. Jogging (6.7 mph): 818 calories/hour.

Calorie Burn at Work (155 lbs individual)

  1. Computer Work: 102 calories/hour.
  2. Meetings: 120 calories/hour.
  3. Driving: 148 calories/hour.
  4. Police Work/Waitressing: 186 calories/hour.
  5. Construction: 410 calories/hour.
  6. Firefighting: 892 calories/hour.

Calorie Burn During House Chores (155 lbs individual)

  1. House Cleaning: 372 calories/hour.
  2. Childcare (Feeding/Washing): 260 calories/hour.
  3. Cooking: 186 calories/hour.
  4. Reading: 84 calories/hour.
  5. Watching TV: 56 calories/hour.
  6. Sleeping: 46 calories/hour.
  7. Mowing Lawn (Push Mower): 334 calories/hour.
  8. Gardening: 344 calories/hour.
  9. Shoveling Snow: 446 calories/hour.

Daily Calorie Burn Calculation (Based on Activity Level)

  1. Sedentary: BMR x 1.2.
  2. Lightly Active: BMR x 1.375.
  3. Moderately Active: BMR x 1.55.
  4. Very Active: BMR x 1.725.
  5. Extra Active: BMR x 1.9.

Supplement to Increase Calorie Burn

  1. IGNITE:
  • Thermogenic fat-burning supplement designed to activate Bio Thermal Switch.
  • Contains Capsimax and EGCG.
  • Burns fat even during rest.
  • Inhibits new fat accumulation.

Final Thoughts

  1. Individual Variation:
  • Calorie needs vary by individual.
  • Accurate calorie requirement estimation aids in weight management.
  • Adjust intake by ±500-1000 calories/day to lose or gain weight.
  • Combining added calories with exercise promotes muscle gain and better health.

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