How to Overcome Gym Anxiety - [ Top 5 Gym Strategies ]


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety

8 Tips to Help You Overcome Your Gym Anxiety

Gym fear is quite common for many people and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, more people have anxiety when they go to the gym than we realize. It usually happens because of individual insecurities which are amplified when you are in a place where many people can see you.


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety



The gym is one of those places where a lot of people go to train and they tend to be crowded with prying eyes. It’s not a good feeling but, the good news is that you can overcome it by following a few simple steps.


Steps You Can Take To Make Sure You Overcome Gym Fear


Make a Workout Plan

By making a list of things you need to do in the gym, you will make yourself accountable to finish everything you put on the list. This way you reduce your chances of excusing yourself for the day and not going to the gym because of some trivial reason.


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety



A lot of people find it easier to do something if they put it on a to-do list of their own so try it out and see if it has an effect. If you need help with a workout plan, one of the ADVANCE FIT trainers can do this for you and guide you step by step through your workouts.


Focus Your Attention on Your Workout

Focusing on your workout and the exercises you are doing will keep your attention away from overthinking and comparing yourself to other people in the gym. You won’t have enough time to let your mind wander and think about who is watching you and what they think of you.


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety



Make sure you keep your attention on yourself and perform the exercise the right way with proper breathing. You can also put some awesome music on to motivate yourself and plug in the earphones. If you do this, the only thing people in the gym will see is that you are putting a lot of effort into your training and there’s nothing bad they can think or say about you.


Avoid the Peak Hours

Going when there are fewer people in the gym will help you overcome your gym fear and you will be much more comfortable. Peak hours differ from gym to gym. You might need to call a few gyms in your area and find out when their peak hours are so you can see which one works best for your schedule.


Go With a Friend or a Personal Fitness Trainer

Going with someone you know and feel comfortable with can help you overcome your fear and anxiety of the gym. Having someone there you already know will allow you to keep your mind off what other people are thinking and it’s usually much more fun. You’ll have someone to talk to and if it’s a personal fitness trainer you brought with you, he or she will have some insightful and educational info for you about your technique and workout routine.


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety


ADVANCE FIT can provide one of our trainers for you.


Setup a free consultation to discuss your options.


Training In The Gym vs. Training At Home

If your fear of the gym is so overwhelming that you just can’t even think about going there, you can always train at home. Both are good options and both of them have their pros and cons.


Training In The Gym


The Pros of training in the gym are vast because you have access to all kinds of equipment that can make your entire workout better and safer. Many machines can isolate different muscle groups properly so you can focus on the exact area that you want. When you are at the gym you also won’t have the same distractions you have at home and you’ll also have a more defined purpose.


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety


A gym is also a place where people have the same goals that can motivate you to work even harder and achieve your own goals much faster. Professional support is readily available when you workout in the gym and you can ask a question at any time. You will get to your desired results much easier and faster when training in the gym.



The Cons of training in the gym are just a few and not very impactful. One of them is the travel time which varies depending on your proximity to the gym. There is also a chance that the gym you picked is an intimidating place where only pro athletes workout but this can be easily avoided by picking a gym that you feel comfortable in. In the gym, you don’t have the same privacy as you have at home.


Training at Home


The Pros of training at home are quite a few and one of the major ones is that you won’t need to travel to the gym and back which sometimes can take an hour depending on your location. This will let you have more free time to spend with your family and loved ones. It’s very convenient because you can work out in any room you want to. Extreme privacy is another pro of working out at home. You would be alone and no one would be around to see your workout.


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety


The Cons of working out at home are more than a few and one of the main ones is the lack of equipment (unless you have a home gym) that will offer proper progression and balance in your workout routine. The fact that you are alone might get boring and you may find yourself lacking the motivation you need to finish the entire workout. You also have a lot of distractions at home and your attention might get stretched thin that you abandon your training completely. Depending on the size of your home, you may have trouble finding enough space to do the workout you planned for the day.


Final Thoughts


Training in the gym is definitely better for people who want to achieve their fitness goals faster because there is a lot of equipment specifically designed to increase the progress and offer properly balanced workout routines. The gym also offers professional support at any time so you can ask a question whenever you feel unsure about an exercise or how to use a machine.


How to Overcome Gym Anxiety


It can be an intimidating place and many people fear the gym but the truth is that the majority of people who are in the gym are focused on their training and are more concerned about themselves than they are about you or other people that are there at the same time.


I think you’ll find the atmosphere at ADVANCE FIT very comfortable and inviting. Everyone is friendly with each and we have many, many members that come here because they do NOT like the busy and not do friendly atmosphere of thebig box gyms.


However, training at home shouldn’t be underestimated. It can be just as good for properly motivated individuals that have discipline and know exactly what they want to achieve. Even when you train at home, there’s always the option to hire an online fitness trainer to create a workout routine for you and motivate you during your workout via video call.


We invite you to come in and check us out.


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