In Body Scan Test Near Me [ FREE Body Fat Testing Tampa ]
In Body Scan Test Near Me Tampa


The InBody scan provides a comprehensive view of your body’s composition balance including body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to get the most accurate measurement of body fat testing, far less than a dexa scan which isn’t any more accurate.

InBody allows you to measure your progress throughout your journey to your weight loss or fitness goal.


  • The body composition scales you can buy on amazon are not accurate and cannot be trusted.
  • The InBody analysis is very accurate because it does not rely on average assumptions based on age, gender, ethnicity, or body type to determine results.
  • The InBody technology knows everyone is different and measures your body specifically based on your characteristics, not average characteristic for your age, gender, ethnicity and body type.
    Because we offer your 1st scan for free, the InBody Test price can’t get much better than that
  • If you’re looking for InBody scan locations near me, you are in luck because we have an Inbody scanner at ADVANCE FITNESS of Tampa and your 1st test is 100% free on us.

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