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Top 10 Gym Chains in The US

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Top 10 Gym Chains in The US – Best Gyms to Join


So you want to get fit? You’ve decided the best route is to sign up to a gym. Not a bad course of action if you ask us. Best gym chains, firstly, a gym will give you access to anything and everything you need to get in shape, all in a self-contained environment.


Next, you will have access to highly qualified and ready to assist personnel, from class instructors to personal trainers and nutritionists. Lastly, the gym is an environment that sparks motivation. Humans are social creatures, and we thrive on group activity.


Top 10 Gym Chains in The US


When you are in the presence of a large group of people doing a certain thing, it’s much easier to follow suit. Best gym membership, these three factors are why having a gym membership is a sure way to increase your training and exercise quality.


But what sort of gym should you go to? After all, they aren’t all the same. You want to get the best value for what you’re about to pay for of course.


You also want a gym that caters more readily to your goals in health and fitness. This article is going to give you 10 of America’s most wanted gyms and give you a brief summary of why they’re so great.


Before we go gym hopping, please take a look at the Life Renu Store. You’ll find an incredible range of amazing lifestyle products you can trust! With that said, let’s take a look at 10 amazing gym chains in America.


Top 10 Gyms in the US


Team Advancefit


Team Advancefit is a high-end fitness franchise offering memberships at a higher premium than most gyms on this list.


Top 10 Gym Chains in The US



Marketed as a luxury health club, Team Advancefit has all the trappings of wealth and opulence along with some well-qualified trainers and really, really fancy equipment.


Team Advancefit facilities are great gyms with amazing equipment that you won’t get in most regular fitness clubs, ladies gym near me.


24 hr Fitness

As the name implies, 24-hour fitness offers just that, fitness over a 24 hour period. Round the clock access, service, and membership benefits.

This chain of gyms has all the standard amenities you could hope for along with a dedicated staff ready to answer all your fitness and exercise questions. It’s no wonder this is one of America’s most popular franchises with over 400 locations.


Crunch fitness

Crunch Fitness has over 300 clubs in the US and other international locations such as Canada and Australia.


The philosophy behind crunch is a fusion of fun and fitness, which is a theme that runs pretty strong in their marketing style. Expect nothing less than state-of-the-art exercise equipment and well-run group classes.



Equinox is a high-end fitness franchise offering memberships at a higher premium as well as a standard of service akin to a 5-star hotel.

If you ask us, the hefty price tag for membership is only worth it if you like the look and feel of luxury with your fitness.


LA Fitness

LA fitness is a large gym chain spanning all across the country and in parts of Canada. They have over 700 locations in operation

As you may have guessed, LA Fitness was started in LA but has since grown to be one of America’s biggest fitness franchises. They are known for their popular HIIT classes that incorporate precision heart rate monitors.


Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness, founded in 2003 is a fitness franchise with a truly global reach. You can find Snap fitness locations in the US, Canada, Belgium, Georgia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, India, Morocco, and many other countries.


This sets Snap at over 2000 locations globally. This number continues to grow as they take over the fitness scene. Expect up-to-date gym facilities, equipment, and services from Snap Fitness.


Chuze Fitness

Chuze Fitness clubs are well equipped and catered to by a dedicated team of certified professionals. The friendly ambiance is deliberately aimed at inviting people of all fitness levels.



Orangetheory Fitness, founded in Florida, now has locations in 45 states and over 21 countries. These fitness clubs focus on precisely measuring and monitoring training variables such as heart rate.

Their service is geared toward improving health and performance through HIIT. Orangetheory has over 1000 locations worldwide and counting.


Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a darling of American gym culture. This franchise is well recognized for its bright yellow and purple motifs and the classic “lunk alarm”

They have over 1800 operating facilities located mostly in North America. Planet Fitness is an everybody’s type of gym and claims to be a “judgment-free zone”

Expect your standard bits and ends as well as a good level of service from the staff at each gym.


Lifetime Athletic

Another franchise on the luxury end of the spectrum, Lifetime Athletic is the fitness arm of Lifetime Inc, a chain of luxury wellness resorts dotted around the country.

Expect nothing less than luxury service and an opulent ambiance with state of the art equipment.


Well, there we go. Gyms in USA, now you know which gym brands are America’s favorite. Be sure to drop a comment if you have any pressing fitness or general health questions, and we’ll be sure to get back to you.


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