What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout - [ Quick Relief Tips ]

What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout

What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout

What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout

What helps sore muscles after workout, if you’re into sports or working out, it’s inevitable to get sore muscles. It’s something that we just can’t skip because that’s how our body works and that’s how it gets stronger.

There are two different types of muscle soreness, acute and delayed onset muscle soreness. The first one you feel right after you finish your training and its symptoms are burning pain that is incited by the excess lactic acid inside your muscles.

What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout

The second one appears between 24 and 72 hours after your training and you will feel stiffness and pain caused by the small rips in the muscle fibers and muscle tissue.


Although getting sore muscles is inevitable for people who actively train and work on improving their fitness level, it is possible to reduce the severity of the symptoms and even completely get rid of muscle soreness.


Getting rid of muscle soreness quicker will allow you to push yourself even more and get the desired results much faster. What helps sore muscles after workout, here are a few things you can do to get rid of muscle soreness and improve your recovery rate.


Active Cooldown Exercises

Cooldown exercises can help you reduce your muscle soreness significantly because it readies your body for the recovery process. Research done in 2018 discovered that runners who didn’t completely stop to rest after their workout routine were able to increase their running time by three times.


What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout


Instead of stopping completely after their run, they lowered their tempo by about 50% at the end of their routine. Scientists that reviewed the results of the research believe that it increased their blood flow and reduced the blood lactate which contributes to sore muscles.

Foam Rolling

Although it is very unpleasant and for some people very painful, foam rolling when your muscles are sore can significantly help repair your muscles by reducing the swelling in them and improving your tissue healing.


What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout


A study done in 2015 discovered that 20 minutes of rolling on a high-density foam roller right after your workout routine and again after 24 hours have passed, diminishes the muscle tenderness and lowers the impact on the dynamic movements of the participants in the study.


Heating Pads and Ice Packs

Heating pads will increase the blood flow in a certain area which might help your body get rid of some by products created during your workout which influences muscle soreness.

What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout

What helps sore muscles after workout, An ice pack will reduce the chances of suffering any tissue damage in the area it is applied to. Combining these two by using an ice pack for 20 minutes and switching to a heating pad for 20 minutes may decrease your muscle soreness and help you recover quicker. This was discovered during a study in 2015.


Ice Bath

Ice baths are a popular way of reducing muscle soreness after an extensive workout. It is based on scientific research that discovered it reduces swelling and tissue breakdown by constricting your arteries and veins.


What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout


The participants in the research who were taking 10-minute ice baths after their workout session reported feeling the least amount of pain and soreness while stretching.



Getting a massage is an excellent way to relax and get rid of muscle soreness. What helps sore muscles after workout, a study done in 2012 shows that people who were getting a massage after their training session experienced much lower levels of pain because a massage reduces the release of cytokines.


What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout


Cytokines are substances that cause inflammation. Proper massage can also improve the ability of your body to repair and function properly on a cellular level by stimulating the mitochondria.


Compression Gear

Compression gear is not just for show. It is actually helpful for muscle soreness and faster muscle recovery because it is tight and it constricts your muscles. This makes it harder for fluid to build up in your muscles while at the same time improves your blood circulation.


What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout


A study from 2014 found out that compression wear helps with removing an enzyme that is present in our muscles known as creatine kinase, which might cause pain and aching.


Proper Rest

Proper rest is one of the most important things you need to do to get rid of sore muscles and allow your muscles to recover. Although there aren’t any studies that can pinpoint the exact reason why sleep helps with muscle soreness, we know that it involves many physiological functions that are imperative for our general well-being.

What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout

We also know that not sleeping well or completely lack sleep can increase inflammation levels which increases muscle soreness in some cases.


Proper Diet

Having the right diet is another very important thing that can help you get rid of sore muscles much faster. Getting the right nutrients into your body will help with your recovery rate and reduce the soreness in your muscles.


What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout


One food that has all the right nutrients to help you get rid of muscle soreness is mushrooms. They have many benefits that battle inflammation which might help with muscle soreness. They possess compounds known as polysaccharides that help reduce inflammation in the body.


Another thing you can do to increase your recovery rate and battle sore muscles is cherry juice. They are full of antioxidants that help battle inflammation.


Research done in 2010 discovered that marathon runners had reduced muscle pain after drinking tart cherry juice for 8 days. Getting enough protein is a crucial part of your diet and it plays a huge role in getting rid of muscle soreness too.


What Helps Sore Muscles After Workout


It is especially important to consume enough protein after a workout and many athletes are drinking protein shakes quickly after they finish their workout routine.


In one study from 2017, it was discovered that protein helps a lot with recovering muscle function in the 24 hours after a hard strength workout. When combined with a food that is rich in antioxidants the recovery process was significantly quicker too.


Try to combine protein-rich foods with foods and drinks that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties right after your workout and you should significantly reduce your muscle soreness.


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