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Youth Sports Performance Training Near Me

Youth Sports Performance Training Near Me

Youth sports performance training near me – Over the last decade, resistance training has grown more popular as a way to assist young athletes enhance their athletic ability. Parents have a lot of questions and worries about their child participating in a strength and conditioning program because they are afraid of the overall development of their child.

Many of these questions express worries regarding how safe resistance training is and if it will interfere with their growth. Many parents are also concerned about the age at which children should start resistance training and if it’s a good idea to do so younger.

In this article we will try to relay the information most parents want to know when they search youth sports performance training near me on Google.

What’s The Best Age To Start Resistance Training

There is no set age at which a kid should begin a strength training program; however, it is typically advised that they be old enough to accept and follow recommendations, as well as comprehend the dangers and advantages of resistance training.

Youth Sports Performance Training Near Me

It’s a widespread misconception that if a youngster participates in organized sports, he or she is ready to start lifting weights. This usually happens when a child is between the ages of 6 and 8.

Principles of Sports Performance Training

A long-term commitment to an athlete’s growth and improvement is something we believe in. We do not try to “peak” an athlete’s performance skills at a young age, and we strongly advise against it. Before developing a bespoke program with appropriate tactics, we examine the athlete’s age, maturation, and stage of growth, ensuring that the individual has the best chance of success.

Youth Sports Performance Training Near Me

Our approach to performance training is complex and personalized for each client. In addition to a variety of other criteria, we consider age, maturation, and developmental stage. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to training, nor do we believe that everyone learns in the same manner.

Sports performance training is becoming increasingly important to a child’s development as the demand on youngsters and parents to enter the competitive sports arena is wanted much earlier. As a result, our methods assess your long-term objectives and assist your athlete via the appropriate growth tactics. We aim to provide your athlete the tools they need to reach their full potential in any sport they choose. Investing in high-quality sports performance training prepares your athlete for success that they would not have had otherwise. Our mission is to reintroduce systematic athlete development so that they may succeed socially, physically, and intellectually.

Benefits Of Resistance Training For Youth Athletes

Resistance training has been shown to improve muscle strength, general fitness, injury prevention, sports performance, and confidence in a number of studies. Other aspects that may benefit from resistance training include enhanced neural drive, greater motor unit synchronization, and hypertrophy.

Youth Sports Performance Training Near Me

Resistance exercise is also linked to a slew of additional health advantages, according to researchers. Resistance training in children has been shown to result in greater bone density, a healthier body composition, and improved motor skill performance, which can lead to higher sprint speed and vertical leap performance.

Several other research found that health risk variables such as oxygen consumption, flexibility, and blood lipid profile improved. Finally, partaking in a resistance training program may help athletes minimize their risk of injury while playing their sport, as well as boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Main Concerns of Resistance Training For Youth Athletes

Several concerns about training kids, including injury rates, efficacy, and safety, were discussed in a roundtable conversation with coaches, medical experts, and researchers. There is a consistent thread among the experts when it comes to the safety of a juvenile strength and conditioning program.

Youth Sports Performance Training Near Me

There should be no worry for the child’s safety when a program is adequately monitored, form and technique are correctly explained, and the program is delivered by someone who possesses an appropriate certification. A high majority of the reported injuries occurred in the home or involving unsupervised kids.

Smashed fingers, dumping a weight on the foot, and moderate muscular strains were among the most common injuries. Many experts agreed that there should be an adequate coach-to-athlete ratio of one coach per ten child athletes, effective resistance training instruction, and correct progressions for their training age when it comes to reducing hazards in the weight room.


There are several advantages to starting a strength and fitness program for teenagers. A competent strength and conditioning specialist should lead the program, which should be adapted to the demands of the individual ages, gender, and sport.

To guarantee safety, quality training, and achievement of performance goals, the kid should be eager and ready to follow instructions. These folks will be given strength and conditioning equipment that will last them a lifetime if they follow the aforementioned instructions.

Final Thoughts

If your child participates in high school sports and you want to watch them become stronger, quicker, and leaner while also improving their fitness, you should search for a professional youth sports performance training near me to get things started.

Because of its capacity to assist local adolescent athletes go to the next level while also preparing them to take their abilities to college and beyond, Advance Fit offers the finest teen athlete program in the region.

Coach John, one of our team’s trainers, is known as the “star trainer.” That’s because he spent most of his career coaching professional athletes. Each of his sportsmen had a long and productive career because of his professional supervision.

Coach John recently decided to give back to the community by allocating certain afternoon and evening slots to young athletes from the area. He is the best person to assist your young athlete get stronger, quicker, and more competitive.

If you want your child to improve their performance and prepare for the next level, go to our website and fill out the form to book a free consultation to determine if we are a good fit.

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